It's good to refresh, take a break from the computer, go outside, and do anything unrelated to work. I'm not good at this. I used to be. I need to do it more often as it gives me a lot of inspiration and energy.

I've been working on a small, non-violent, open, world exploration game.
The twist – it's never-ending. What I mean – is I want to add more content over the following years, maybe even till I'm able to do so. I want freedom in storytelling, length, and even artstyle. I got the idea while reading some old Heavy Metal magazine. I loved how some stories continued in different episodes yet, had self-contained small stories in each one of them. You will play an adventurer and explorer. Everything takes place on different planets. Think of a non-violent, exploration-focused Tomb Raider (Indiana Jones), but in space. I still need to find a name – I need to name projects. Otherwise, I can't work on them. I wonder if I'm the only one like that.