You can't spit creativity.
Unfortunately, we're living in a world that expects us to do so, and we are also here to blame. It leads to burnout and is the first step to depression. I know it. I was there. I've changed my attitude towards creativity by building the foundation and letting the structure freeform. I've separated my non-creative days from creative ones. Funny thing, non-creative days are the ones I get the most inspired and have the best ideas. I try not to disturb myself during my creative days with non-creative stuff and day-to-day errands. So far, it's working well. Of course, there are creative days when I struggle, but it is an important, often misunderstood* part of being creative. I now have the time to wonder, explore, and daydream. Sometimes I create space for the dots to connect. I will see how this works in the long run, but it's already been two months since I work like that, and I have to say the results are excellent. I don't think I've ever been so creative in my entire career.

*I hope to reflect on that in the future.