Hi, my name is Peter, I'm a multidisciplinary freelance motion designer/director and a part-time game developer

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I create small and big visual experiences for commercial and non-comercial clients, personal artworks driven by passion for constant creation and the push to learn something new everyday. I also do interactive experiences and I am currently developing a video game. My main focus is on visual storytelling, with high attention to detail and a design by subtraction.

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With over more than 15 years of experience in the creative field, I've learned many skills and worn many hats. Recently that versatility led me to discover my newest passion - video game development, which utilises all my skills at once.

I am a motion director and motion generalist that integrates many forms of animation in 2D & 3D, but my strongest interest is in stylised, illustrative work and minimalistic style - which brews form my early days as a graphic designer.

I create storyboards, styleframes, animation, character design as well as 3d modelling and rigging. Currently, most of my 3d work is rendered in realtime either in Unreal Engine 4 or Eevee in Blender. Motion design is mostly created in the Adobe ecosystem.

Over the years I was a branding studio business co-owner, worked as a freelancer, remote worker and in-house motion designer. That experience gives me many opportunities to plan, create and execute a variety of projects and ideas.

Over the years I had the pleasure to work on projects for brands like: Adidas, CD Projekt RED, Castorama, Deutsche Bahn, Facebook, L'Oreal, LG, Mazda, Nike, O2, Orange, SSB, Skoda, Smirnoff, Swisscom, TedX and many more.


Creative Direction, Motion Direction, Motion Design, 2D and 3D Animation, Video Editing, Storyboards, Styleframes, Illustration, Graphic Design, Unreal Engine Generalist

Right Now

I'm currently based in Poland, constantly dreaming about moving around the world. I do motion design and animation freelance jobs, but am also open to other ways of work. In my free time, I focus on more experimental and artistic works and developing my first video game. Whenever there is an opportunity I take my camera, travel, or go into the wild to get a little bit of headspace.


I love music, analogue photography, video games, travel and nature. My inspiration comes from many places, but mostly from my evergoing passion to learn something new every day.

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting and taking your precious time to check my work and read a little bit about me. If you find my work interesting or want to chat feel free to write me a message at peter@sleepdiver.com

For games related stuff please write at games@sleepdiver.com

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